12 Best Graphics Iphone Games 2021

If you are a game lover as well as an iPhone and iPad user, what type of game do you usually play? If you love games with high graphic quality, there are tons of games that you can find on the App Store. Well, for those of you who are confused about which game to choose with the best graphics. Here, there are 12 recommendations for iPhone and iPad games with the best graphics!

  1. Modern Combat 5

This game is one of the best FPS games on IOS, plus Gameloft provides additional updates for Modern Combat 5. With Metal technology, you will see more realistic gameplay in many scenes in the game.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Just like Mortal Combat, the 8th series of Asphalt unu is supported by metal technology which makes the game look more perfect. You can see the effects of fire, rain, and water reflections that are more realistic to the coolest nitro effect.

  1. Botanicula

This unique game that displays the beauty of this environment will make you feel like you are in a green environment with five cute creatures that will continue to accompany you. Botanicula is a somewhat casual adventure game with excellent graphics.

  1. Anomaly Defenders

This one game has amazingly good graphics where you will play on a floating platform in outer space. Slick graphics plus layers from gamers make you feel like you are in the deepest space with other planets and galaxies.

  1. The Room Two

This puzzle game offers a lot of detail on the graphics and can be played like a 3D object. Through animation and music that is provided by this game, it will make you feel like you are playing a game with mystical, tense and curious feelings at the same time.

  1. Monument Valley

Even though it is a 2D game, you will get the experience of playing a game with the best graphics, you will see a simple, clean design with a strong ambient impression here.

  1. Godfire

This hack & slash game looks absolutely amazing in the IOS version. The graphics are stunning plus the details are very high, making it look special. Moreover, the effect of taking the camera is not always the same makes it look more attractive.

  1. Leo’s Fortune

Even though it looks simple, Leo’s Fortune is packed nicely with unique graphics. You will see an environment that looks real in this game, starting from plants, grass, wood and others. The characters played also give the impression of “life”.

  1. Infinity Blade III

Muladi from the first to the third series, many gamers were amazed by the graphics presented by this game. Attractive visuals, plus the beauty of the background, lighting, animation and texture, are shown to be really maximal.

  1. Epic Zen Garden

Epic Zen Garden is not purely a game. You are not required to carry out missions, you only need to interact with the objects that have been provided to display certain effects. For example, you can grow cherry blossoms and then see how they fall again.

  1. Sky Gambler: Water Supremacy

There are additions in terms of graphics in this game compared to previous games, making this game look 4x more detailed for HD graphics, HDR, 4x anisotropic filtering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering, and many others.

  1. Oceanhorn

The graphics provided by this game are very good, coupled with a solid gameplay. With a thick cartoon style, the visualization provided is very interesting. Makes it look really fun to play.

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