4 Fun Activities in World of Warcraft Classic

The World of Warcraft game is one of the most influential games, especially for massively multiplayer online (MMO). The reason is, Blizzard Entertainment has managed to open a server that can be accessed by hundreds or even thousands of players at once. In it, players can feel the social sensation in World of Warcraft.

More than 15 years ago the game was released, Blizzard Entertainment has spawned many expansions. Even so, players may still have their heart set on the classic edition which they generally refer to as “WoW Vanilla”. Following the hearts of fans, Blizzard finally released a server with an old expansion to fill the memories of its players.

So, are you also WoW Classic players? If you remember how magnificent Azeroth was in the first episode, we want to invite you to feel nostalgic again for some of the following epic moments.

Gathering in The Capital

When World of Warcraft was first released, there were only eight races spread across the two great continents of Azeroth. There were eight major cities that belonged to each race, meanwhile, there were also Capitals on every continent that represented both the Horde and Alliance factions.

Of course, players still remember making the capital city of Orgrimmar the base of the Horde while the Alliance formed their ranks in Stormwind City. The players, generally relax at the gates of the Capital.

The most exciting activities that can be done here are usually Dueling or just chatting and taking photos of buildings. So, if you want to exchange and sell, in front of the Auction House we can see AFK players while giving notifications for their selling items. Do you guys remember this time too?

Beat the Strong Enemies in the Blackrock Spire

It will take months for you to touch the level cap in World of Warcraft Classic. After touching level 60, we can search for Dungeon or Raid Instances to find legendary and epic equipment. One that might impress players is the Blackrock Spire, a black volcano that holds ancient powers.

At the heart of this volcano, players will meet Ragnaros, an ancient god who kept the heat power of fire as an element. This boss is one of the scariest and very hard to beat. Do you also remember when Leeroy Jenkins fell in the ruins of Blackrock when he braved the black dragons?

Endless Chaos at The Barrens

There are many areas that have memories for the players. One thing that might have an impression for every player is an area called The Barrens which is close to the capital of the Horde, Orgrimmar. Here, players usually gather for war on open fields because The Barrens is a vast savanna.

Alliance players usually enter The Barrens by sea. In the south, players can land on Theramore Isle. On foot, the battle at Crossroads became a very tense chapter.

Hunting for Dinosaurs at Un’Goro

Azeroth is filled with unique beasts. The dinosaur race is said to inhabit the green area of ​​Un’goro Crater. There, players can hunt dinosaurs. Their skins are bought and sold by leatherworkers. Usually, parties were formed to take a safari at Un’Goro Crater.

For hunters, taming dinosaurs is a dream. Unfortunately, only small Raptors can be tamed in this region. One of the biggest dinosaurs is the Devilsaur who clustered near the crater. You may still remember how amazing it was to see Tyrantus who was the largest dinosaur in this region.

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