Apple Event 2020 and Search Engine Rumors

After some time being a rumor, finally Apple will officially release the Apple Event in November 2020. Apple Event this time will be titled “One More Thing”. The Apple Event will take place on November 10, 2020 at 10 am local time.

Apple did not announce that it would introduce any products at the event. However, there have been many rumors about this.

This event is predicted to only focus on Mac only. Some of the new products to be introduced are the new 13 inch MacBook Pro and the new 16 inch MacBook Pro. Both get the latest Intel processor updates.

But that will be the main star at this event is the first Mac with an Apple silicon chip. It’s still not clear which Macs will adopt Apple silicon for the first time.

Apple Search Engine

Apple has indeed been rumored to be developing its own search engine or search engine. The goal, of course, is to release dependence on third-party search engines, such as Google.

Even though it has the best search quality at this time, Google is also known to be less in line with Apple’s vision, which is to protect user privacy.

Google is indeed very well known for spying on users to third parties for the sake of advertising. Apple has always claimed that they will not sell user data to third parties for whatever reason.

Now on iOS 14 it is starting to show its own search results that are different from Google searches, with direct links to websites. These results are obtained when the user searches from the home screen.

In addition, Apple’s crawler, Applebot, recently experienced an increase in the crawl rate of visits to websites to update the database. This is what further strengthens the suspicion of Apple’s search engine development.

Apple also previously hired John Giannandrea, former head of search and Google’s artificial intelligence in 2018. According to Bill Coughran, Google executive, Apple has an extraordinary team, experience and depth in developing search engines.

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