Apple Releases Apple Arcade For Maximum Gaming Experience

Apple has just released a very interesting service. It’s called Apple Arcade, and it’s basically a subscription service to play unlimited games. Before you get it wrong, Apple Arcade is not a game streaming service like Google Stadia.

The concept offered by Apple Arcade is to present a series of exclusive games to users on all of its platforms. The whole name means not only iOS, but also includes Apple TV and Mac. So with just one subscription fee, customers can play their game collections on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.

All games presented on Apple Arcade can be played offline. Apple ensures that there are no additional costs that customers have to pay. Long story short, all games in Apple Arcade are free from in-app purchases and advertisements, unlike games on the App Store, which mostly adopt the free-to-play model.

Also of interest is cloud sync support. So suppose you are playing a game on Apple TV, then when you leave the residence, you can continue the progress on your iPhone, and vice versa.

But the most interesting thing in my opinion is the game catalog. At the beginning of its release, Apple Arcade promises more than 100 new games. Not only new, but all of these games are also exclusive, aka they can only be played if you subscribe to Apple Arcade.

A number of large developers have successfully collaborated with Apple, including SEGA, Konami and Lego. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the figure behind the birth of the Final Fantasy franchise, also succeeded in getting Apple to work on a game called Fantasia for Apple Arcade.

Another title that really caught our attention was Revolution Software’s Beyond a Steel Sky, which turned out to be a sequel to one of the legendary adventure games, Beneath a Steel Sky, by the same British developer.

Through a press release, Apple said that they also contributed to the development costs required by developers. I personally think this is a form of Apple’s investment so that they can secure exclusive quota of games released on Apple Arcade.

The plan, the new Apple Arcade will be available starting next fall in 150 countries at once. Arcade will later be accessible via a special tab on the App Store, be it on iOS, tvOS or macOS. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the subscription fee, but if you look at the quality of the games promised and Apple’s track record, the rates should be quite expensive.


Apple Lowered Commission Rates To 15% For Small Developers

Apple’s policy regarding a 30% commission rate in the App Store app store for revenue generated from in-app transactions is considered burdensome for some developers. The good news is that the company from Cupertino has announced a reduction in commission rates on the App Store, especially for small developers.

Through a program called the ‘App Store Small Business Program’, developers with revenues of less than US $ 1 million per year will get a fee discount of 15% or half of the standard set by Apple.

This App Store small business program will take effect on January 1, 2021 and most iOS app developers should be able to access the program. Developers will be asked to apply for the program, Apple will reveal more information regarding the process and its requirements in December.

New developers are also immediately eligible and in the future for developers who earn over US $ 1 million in revenue by 2021, they will be automatically removed from the program and subject to a standard 30% commission rate. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the move as a way to support small businesses in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he described in a statement as “the backbone of the global economy and the heart of innovation”.

This new program is sure to please more custom app creators, indie game developers, and other members of the iOS ecosystem. Even so, the protests and discontent of the 30% commission policy on the App Store will not stop here.

Not long ago several developers consisting of Epic Games, Spotify, Deezer, Tile and Match Group, came together and formed a group called the Coalition for App Fairness to fight against App Store policies and aim to create a level playing field for the app business and give people the freedom to select on his device.

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