Four Digital Game Shop For You To Try

In an increasingly modern decade, gaming activities are now carried out more flexibly. On the PC platform, sales of physical releases are even less desirable when storage and game installation activities can be done quickly via download. Many digital markets were eventually born. One that is limited and has millions of players is Steam.

Over time, Valve’s digital game market also has many competitors. One that had rivaled Steam last year was the Epic Games Store, which was created by Epic Games. Apart from the two of them, there are actually many digital game markets on PC that have thousands of interesting game catalogs, ranging from AAA games to interesting indie games to try out.

Well, we want to tell you four PC gaming platforms that you must also know about. Who knows, in it there is a big discount so you can get game titles cheaper. Here are alternative gaming platforms that you can try. Listen carefully, yes!

Well, for fans of indie games, of course has become a familiar name. The reason is, this site is often used as a basis for independent developers to showcase their games. Unlike Steam, which may have a tighter curation, opens its game page to be more flexible.

Usually, on there are many indie games that share demo versions to full game versions for free. Players can also donate some money if they want to appreciate the developers. The environment created by can also be said to be user friendly where developers can see direct feedback from game players.


Well, it’s not only Gaben who says he often gives out discounts. If you want to find an alternative, you can check out GOG’s game catalog which has tens of thousands of games. You can also get many AAA games here, you know. Every day, there are always tempting discounts that are shared with GOG.

Like Steam, GOG also has an application, namely GOG Galaxy that you can run. Later, game libraries from GOG and online chat and community features can also be run from GOG Galaxy. If you are curious, try downloading and installing GOG Galaxy and experience a more luxurious game library in this application.


The first digital gaming marketplace wasn’t Steam. One of the digital game markets that still exists today and operates is GamersGate. As a digital game market, GamersGate is also user friendly where you will often be asked to review games when playing them. This is very good so that other players can seek other opinions before playing the game of their choice.

GamersGate unfortunately has a look that is too old and doesn’t have an application to run yet. Even so, you can get a lot of offers, especially for those of you who just made an ID and bought a game. Sometimes, publisher sales on this platform are also really worth enjoying because the discount is very big!

Jolt Games

Besides, there is also an indie game market, Game Jolt which has a catalog of thousands of interesting games. Here, players can play multiple releases and interact with the in-game community of players. The players in Game Jolt can also be considered casual and have an interface similar to 9GAG.

Game Jolt also has an application that you can download. In it, we can play together with community members and Jolt Game users. Not infrequently, indie games that are free on this platform are multiplayer games that are really fun to try to unwind.

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