Good Sudoku Preview

Who doesn’t know Sudoku? One of you must be familiar with the game, especially the “old” generation. Recently, a veteran developer, Zach Gage has launched a new Sudoku game specifically for iOS devices called Good Sudoku.

The game is claimed to have a number of different features from other Sudoku games. Starting from displays supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), more than 70 thousand puzzles for beginners to pros, and many more.

The decision to make “old school” games compared to other genres such as battle royale or FPS is certainly not without reason. Zach feels that the existing digital Sudoku game doesn’t present a perfect experience.

Then, these games also do not provide opportunities for newcomers to play them. Through Good Sudoku, Zach wants to redefine the digital Sudoku experience.

In developing Good Sudoku to perfection, Zach is not alone. He was accompanied by a colleague who is also a game developer, Jack Schlesinger. Currently, Good Sudoku itself is available exclusively on the App Store service.

You can download the game for free, but if you want to get the full version there is a fee of $ 3.99. Playing Sodoku certainly has many benefits for the players. Apart from being entertainment, these games can also hone your logic skills. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, download the game right now!

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