How to locate Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Being a component of the Minecraft community for so long means I’ve had the chance to test out a variety that is wide of components. Having the option to participate in a scavenger hunt is a addition that is great. Specially if you happen to be on a treasure map with a complete lot of hidden gold, this is the case. It’s a strategy that is fantastic finding untapped resources & getting a leg through to the competition. This piece of advice can help you improve your performance if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.


The news that is good that there’s a fairly easy technique to track out hidden wealth in Minecraft. You should begin by locating a map.

Second, you must find the prise by following the map. For the part that is third you’ll have to dig. At long last, you’ll want to enchant tools that aid in tracking down the hidden loot.

In the event that you’re searching for hidden wealth in Minecraft, finding a shipwreck is your best bet. These ecosystems are prevalent in waterways & the sea. They aren’t constantly complete, but they always have plenty of treats.

It is also recommended that you continue a shipwide exploration. It is feasible that there will have masts, decks, & secret passageways. There is the opportunity you’ll even uncover a map chest.

It’s not often that someone discovers a treasure that is hidden the middle of the ocean, but it can happen. To provide just one example, you might manage to discover one in a Stony Shores. Similarly, you may find one on a Snowy Beach.

There is no assurance, but the probability of finding a map upper body in an ruin that is underwater greater than in a shipwreck. Both a Treasure upper body & a Supply chest are commonplace in shipwrecks.

The map is the most crucial piece in order to find the hidden treasure. It’s in the bowels of a sunken ship. A white marker serves as a place inside the map, but you will not know where its until such time you open the map.

Also, a Potion of Night Vision may be helpful for finding submerged buildings. If you dig down 15 blocks, you’ll find the greatest hidden riches. You will have to be inventive to make do because of the visibility that is little the water biome.

Beach biomes

Because of the launch of Update Aquatic, users of Minecraft may now explore biomes that are underwater search of hidden wealth. The overall game’s fauna, villains, bars, trees, & more have all been expanded upon with this variation. This package maybe not only offers the treasure itself, but also a map to its hidden location.

Located in the Deep Cold Ocean, Stone Shore, & Snowy Beach biomes, buried treasure is a randomly developed building. In most cases, it’s going to form behind a layer of gravel or sand, however it is possible to create beneath other substances as well.

Beach buried treasure often only creates as a chest that is single. Whether it’s sand, gravel, or stone, the chest will be buried behind a large slab of it. Among the treasures in the box are money, iron tunics, & even some fish that is delicious has been prepared. It may be tough to get to the upper body if it is now wet.

The ocean base is additionally a place that is good look for buried wealth. Stone or gravel may be used to conceal the chest. The sand will fully bury the chest if it really is submerged in water.

Typically, buried riches at sea is simply a few storeys deep. If you dig down at least five blocks, you’ll find the chest. When playing, some people use TNT to blow up the earth over their chests.

If you find a shipwreck, you have a one-hundred-percent chance of finding a hidden treasure map. An underwater construction that is artificial mimics the appearance of a sunken ship is called a shipwreck. They typically breed in aquatic environments, while river environments do play host to their offspring on occasion. It is not unusual to stumble across one on the coastline, either. Sunken shipyards are a common source of these formations.

Up to three chests may be found in a shipwreck. A shipwreck might give rise to a wreck either at sea or on land, such as a beach or a ravine.

Explorer maps

Finding lost riches in Minecraft is a breeze with the help of an Explorer map. They reveal a region’s landmass & waterbody in graphic detail. Structures of great interest, such as a treasure that is sunken or a shipwreck, might also be shown.

Ocean, Woodland, & Woodland Mansions are the three distinct varieties of Explorer Maps. Various mechanisms are in play in each. If you look at an ocean Explorer Map, for instance, you won’t necessarily see the nearest building; instead, you’ll see things hundreds of blocks away.

It’s a idea that is good double check your compass regardless of how far you have to go to see the necessary areas on an Explorer Map. In comparison to the other two maps, an Ocean Map costs the most at 13 emeralds.

The approach that is easiest to find hidden treasure is to use an Explorer Map. Finding treasure in Minecraft may be done in a number of different ways, but the method that is only is probably be successful is by utilising an Explorer Map. Since shipwrecks are so hard to locate, this will be particularly true of maps utilized by ocean explorers.

If you enquire around in the community, someone is certain to know where you can get an Explorer Map. The main drawback is that each hamlet only receives a single map. You are going to need to change careers or breed some villagers if you want to help make a duplicate.

Despite appearances, the map upper body could be the most component that is vital of Explorer Map. This is the greatest spot to begin since it will reveal hidden riches & an abundance of other information. Consider that all city just has access to one copy of the Explorer Map.

Exploiting Heart of the ocean

One of the better ways to uncover loot that is long-lost Minecraft is to use Heart of the Sea to create a conduit. It may be used for a variety of purposes, such as defending against aquatic enemies or constructing a submerged dwelling.

In order to successfully extract a conduit, a base must be established in an ocean biome. You’ll need Heart of the Sea & prismarine blocks. There’s a good chance you’ll have better results if you try to buy these two products separately if you have some TNT on hand than. To obtain the conduit running, you will need at the least sixteen prismarine blocks.

One possible application for the conduit is as a lookout post in the event of a riot. Within a range of eight blocks, it will be able to inflict damage on these creatures. Remember that lava is hot & might cause serious burns. Especially in the Nether, but lava isn’t the only danger.

You should also discover just how to maintain your atmosphere supply while submerged. These consist of such things as Respiration enchanted helmets & water-breathing treatments. A third option is to train dolphins to carry you there. It’s possible to catch dolphins that will spit forth raw fish, which isn’t a horrible concept in & of itself.

Using a buried treasure map is the many method that is efficient locating a hidden chest in Minecraft. You may find these in sunken cities & sunken ships. It is impossible to purchase a map to a treasure that is hidden but with the help of a shrewd cartographer, you may unearth one. The north pole of the map will be up always. Further, it always points to the nearest treasure chest.

Utilizing maps that are empty

It’s thrilling & enjoyable to use blank maps to hunt for hidden riches. Simple as it may appear, this strategy is definite to be successful each time.

Acquiring a map is the first step. Lost ships & sunken cities often include charts that may be used to navigate the seas. If these maps are had by you, you’ll know just where you can try to find concealed loot.

The town cartographer sells Explorer Maps, another option. Locate buildings that are unique buried treasure with the aid of the Explorer Map. Woodland mansions, underwater ruins, & buried treasure may all be found with all the help of these maps.

F3 may be the many straightforward way for retrieving hidden wealth. It’s because you’ll need to spend some time here before you can proceed. The coordinates of each piece may also be shown. Now that you know where to go for the treasure, you may go there & start digging!

Many buried treasure is concealed behind a layer of tangible. The prise is usually concealed using sand blocks or gravel blocks. Getting at the prise will take a couple of minutes of digging.

The coordinate system used by the map you’re after ought to be 9 by 9. White dots on a red cross pattern are the standard presentation that is cartographic. A square of 512 by 512 pixels is also shown. The map will start to fill in colour as you approach the prise location. The ocean will be visible to you aswell.

Just as the Woodland Map, the buried treasure map leads you to your prise. Treasure is likely to be based in an undersea shipwreck or fortress.

A ship’s chest is the absolute most likely destination to uncover a hidden treasure map. The map chest is often found on a beach that is sandy.