Ios Gamers Tend To Spend More Money On IAP

From year to year, the cost of acquiring mobile game players continues to fall. According to Liftoff’s 2020 Mobile Gaming Apps report, the average mobile game player acquisition cost is now only US $ 1.47, down 66% from last year, which was US $ 4.37. Not only that, the cost of encouraging players to enroll in a mobile game has also dropped, from US $ 5.72 per player from US $ 9.17 last year.

A study conducted by Liftoff also shows that game developers who have limited funds should launch their games on Android first. The article is that the player acquisition costs on Android are 4 times cheaper than on iOS. Interestingly, both Android and iOS have roughly the same return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Indeed, although the cost of acquiring new players on iOS is more expensive, spending on iOS players is also higher.

So far, iOS players are known to be willing to spend more money playing games when compared to Android players. Another reason why the iOS player acquisition costs are more expensive is because iPhone users are considered to have a better economy, because the price of the iPhone is more expensive than most Android phone prices, even though there are premium Android smartphones too.

Interestingly, although the cost of acquiring new players has fallen, the cost of making players spend in-game money has increased. Currently, the average cost of encouraging players to shop at games has risen to US $ 43.88 from US $ 35.42, reports GamesIndustry.

“Although players are interested in trying new games, they are less interested in buying items in the game,” said Liftoff, as quoted by Forbes. “The cost of getting players to make in-app purchases (IAP) rose 24% to US $ 43.88, which is the highest record since 2018. The conversion rate of installs to IAP also fell 46%. Chances are, this happened because of the recession and declining income ready to spend. ”

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic is also starting to have a devastating effect on the gaming industry. So far, the gaming industry has benefited from being asked to stay at home. The proof, the total spending of gamers in the US has increased. Likewise with the game industry in China.

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