Playing Games With MacBook

Playing games is not the main selling point of a MacBook laptop. Despite this, some game developers have provided native support for macOS.

In terms of specifications, the MacBook, especially the MacBook Pro, has the power that can be used to play games, even games with high graphics.

Here are the five main ways to play games on your MacOS.

GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

GeForce Now is the latest in gaming on macOS and the results have been amazing. This service uses high-end video streaming and virtualization features to enable users to play on Nvidia hardware.

These devices are centralized in data centers in various regions (such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific) to process the input that you do and send it in high-end graphic form.

This means that your computer only needs to be able to lift YouTube video rendering to be able to run high-end gaming in the form of the latest game titles.

The only drawback is that the input process is a little late which will make precision shooting in shooting games a little more challenging.

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GeForce Now is for today’s games, but if you miss past games the answer is this Emulator.

By using the Emulator you can play classic games for free. Even though you technically need to pirate the game first, sometimes this becomes a gray zone for those who bought the original game when they were kids.

Emulators can be used to play PS3 consoles, but not every emulator can run on macOS. The emulator requires a lot of CPU power and must be written in an OS-based code language.

OpenEMU is an emulator suitable for macOS to play various classic gaming platforms.


Wineskin is an application to create a kind of “home” for Windows software in the macOS operating system. Usually used for games, this application is also commonly used for software that is not a game either.

It works by creating “wrappers” that run alongside Windows programs and manipulate the running operating system.

When using Wineskin Winery for any application you want to run, each game will have an .app file in your macOS Applications directory.


This app is a paradise for those who wish to reward game developers around the world. If explored further, there are so many games that already support macOS on the Steam platform.

However, on the one hand Steam also has side effects. Their sale period can be four times a year and in each period the discount can reach 70% for certain game titles.

The most dangerous digital poison for the wallet of the gamers out there. Be careful, we warned you …

Boot Camp

Finally, you can install Windows on your MacBook with Boot Camp. This is the most complex method on this list. However, if you succeed in doing it, this method will not have significant problems in the future.

These five ways can make you play games on a MacBook with the macOS operating system in it.

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