Team Ninja Will Launch Nioh Game Spin-off

Nioh is a dark fantasy themed game developed by Team Ninja. Once an exclusive series for the PlayStation, the hack and slash themed game has become a favorite of many people. Finally, the sequel, Nioh 2 managed to provide a very heavy game and challenge players with many terrible monsters.

Even though it was only released last year, it turns out that Team Ninja has plans to develop this franchise further by making a spin-off or side edition. In fact, Square Enix immediately became interested in being a collaborator in working on it. This game is planned to be released for PlayStation and PC.

Reported by Fanbyte, this news is still only a rumor because Square Enix has not dared to confirm this. In the near future they will announce this at the E3 2021 event which will be held virtual from 12 to 15 June.

The leak also summarizes that this project will be initiated under the name Stranger in Paradise. Although it hasn’t been announced yet, the project has gone pretty fast with demos being prepared this summer. In fact, Square Enix will also delay Final Fantasy Origins specifically to announce this game first.

If this rumor proves to be true, the alpha version of this game will be shown at E3 2021. Meanwhile, Square Enix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso reportedly still preparing the main Final Fantasy XVI sequel following this project and it is possible that Stranger in Paradise will only appear in 2022. .

So, what do you think about this spin-off project from Nioh? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the column below, OK!

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