What Do Fish Eat in Minecraft?

If you’re here looking for info on Minecraft seafood food, you have come to the correct spot. You may consume a variety that is wide of, & this article will allow you to weigh some of the factors that matter many when creating that choice.


Fish are not only delicious, but they doubles as a valuable resource when fishing for other products. Cooking with fish is a pastime that is popular & some types may be sold for valuable items. Warm ocean ecosystems are home to a plethora of fish species. In the other hand, you may possibly additionally look for them in ice caves & hot springs.

In Minecraft, cod is amongst the many fish that is frequent’ll catch. Typical ocean temperatures & tepid seas are ideal for its reproduction. Cod spawns in sets of three to six in the Java version. They swim in large groups but do not earnestly take part.

Cod will surrender food when assaulted. A bucket will do for catching them, & then they may be placed in an aquarium. They fetch Emeralds when traded to communities that are fishing. To quickly capture fish, right-click an bucket that is empty the water.

Raw cod is edible & can be utilized to treat both domesticated kitties & wild wolves. As an added bonus, it brings right back two hunger points. Unfortunately, the great things about cod diminish when its prepared. In other words, you can’t use a furnace to prepare cod.

Any human body of water might support a cod fishery. After being caught, the fish shall not despawn. Into the ocean, though, it’ll aimlessly swim about. When killed by the player, a hostile guardian, or another fish, cod will drop a food product.

A cod fish may be caught & prepared for human consumption. It shall also scatter bonemeal & expertise in the Java version. Cod within the Bedrock version shall shed 1 to 2 bones & experience.

You may use either an oven or a stovetop to cook fish that is raw. In addition, it is beneficial for kittens. They’ll develop more rapidly as a result. You can classify it as a meal that is solid albeit it doesn’t quite measure up to steaks.

Dolphins near sunken structures in the ocean may additionally be fed fish that is raw. Raw cod is a favourite of dolphins, & they shall eat it without having to catch it. However, humans should avoid feeding dolphins on shore. They feel this way because fish in other environments are unpleasant for them. It is also smart to feed them close to fortifications that have chests.

Tropical fish

Tropical fish are a kind of aquatic monster that first appeared in the Oceans of the Overworld with the Aquatic Update for Minecraft. Their shape that is bodily is any such thing else. Sizes & hues are not the distinguishing that is only. They’re ideal for the home, the aquarium, & the mantle. It’s possible to additionally utilise them to level up.

In Minecraft, you might find a variety that is wide of seafood. These creatures populate marine ecosystems, humid caverns, & mangrove bogs. People or small clusters of two or three will appear at random intervals. There are two temperatures of which they could reproduce successfully: warm & lukewarm ocean surroundings.

Triggerfish, axolotls, & elder guardians will be the three types of aquatic mobs. Each of them has a health depletion & experience point loss price.

For the reproduction of tropical fish, all you need is a bucket & a full water block. The use of commands allows for their creation as well. Orange tropical fish, bone meal, & item frames are all loot that is possible. Another option is to utilize a bucket to transport them. They may also scatter a bone or two. They won’t you will need to harm you in the event that you’re a gamer.

Even though there are over 2,700 different species of tropical fish, 90% of these can be categorised into just 22 different families. A few species of tropical fish spawn in clusters of three or more, whereas others spawn randomly. Tomato clownfish come in two distinct varieties. Each of them are native to your Western Pacific & have a disposition that is neutral adventurers.

Tropical fish can be used in several different dishes. You may also use them to showcase items in item cases. They might be farmed, utilised as aquariums & aquarium exhibits.

Tropical fish may provide a lot of energy & nutrition for your troops. You can use them to construct some very foundations that are solid. They may be utilised for experience points or to help you level up to Marine Biologist. Expert villagers in fishing will sell you these. As an bonus that is added they could be bred & utilised to create fertiliser for plants.

Fans of marine life shall find a plethora of engaging extras. Dolphins may be fed & befriended.

Raw fish

Raw fish is significantly more than simply a food in Minecraft, despite its name. It is additionally utilised to domesticate exotic pets in games. It might also be used to treat wolf accidents. Fish isn’t a item that is magical its common name. It’s a genuine dish that takes place to own plenty of fat inside it.

Fish isn’t just for feeding domesticated animals & taming wild ones; it might also be employed to revive ill or injured cats. If the cat’s vitamin E shops are low, this really is of specific benefit. The inclusion of seafood in Minecraft’s cooking system is because of this very reality.

Despite the fact that it’s called fish that is”raw in the game, it can’t be cooked on a stove. Find it in saltwater environments & reel it in with a fishing pole. Pressing ZL on the controller will also let you to utilise the reel. It’s not at all times easy to catch fish.

Kitties may be easily domesticated by catching fish & feeding it to them uncooked. With this strategy, it could be converted into a ally that is helpful. Even ocelots can be tamed with this technique in early in the day Minecraft editions.

All the newest editions of the overall game have this same technique. Fish is one of the things that are few ocelot will eat. This could appear simple, however in practise it just isn’t. Taming a cat requires 20 fish.

Also, you may prepare raw cod in a fisherman’s chest. A probability of 50% says it will hold it. You could get some raw fish if you open a bonus chest.

In Minecraft, you can also utilise raw fish to tame polar bears. They make wonderful pets & friends. Snowy Beach, Frozen River, & Ice Spikes are all places where bears that are polar typical. In reality, these animals have actually a powerful protective instinct. They pose no threat to players but have a penchant for sushi. They may be bred successfully if fed cod or salmon.

You may also use fish that is raw tame ocelots in Minecraft. Ocelots had been felines in earlier versions of the game.


Aquatic Axolotls were included with Minecraft with the Caves & Cliffs update. Axolotls are a type or kind of amphibian that may be found in the water & in tropical caves. Players should not worry about being attacked by these docile animals. They make great pets & of good use allies in watery battles. Its attacks extend to other monsters that are aquatic well.

Among the overall game’s aquatic mobs, axolotls are one of the most frequent & popular. They could be utilised to fight other enemies that are aquatic spawn naturally in caverns or underwater. They’re little & pink, & their look is distinctive. The food that is only’ll eat is tropical seafood, which they buy through the different marine ecosystems. In addition, they are reproducible; offspring emerge from the moms and dads. A adult that is full can be reached in approximately 20 minutes.

It is possible to breed Axolotls using a collection of tropical fish in a bucket. When you visit the Wandering Trader, you may buy a bucket of tropical fish that has been filled with tropical fish. As soon as the bucket of tropical fish is submerged in water, a reproductive mode is initiated. If the bucket is full, both the adult & the juvenile axolotls will spawn.

The axolotl will perish if it is not cared for correctly. They need water constantly & can’t go more than five minutes without it. They are difficult to catch because they are wild & unpredictable. Although, I must admit, they are rather lovely. They’re also great for attacking marine mammals like dolphins & turtles while you’re underwater. They’re also useful for discovering temples that are ancient far below the ocean’s area.

You can harvest axolotls from their natural spawn locations in caves & aquatic biomes with a bucket. They have a tendency to populate marine ecosystems, although they are also capable of reproducing in subterranean caves & lakes. You could either lure them into a waiting pail of water, or use a lead to round them up.

The food that is only an axolotl will consume is some kind of tropical fish. Dead fish is off limits to them. You may buy fish that is tropical the Nomadic Trader or catch them in warm-water ocean ecosystems. After being given a bucket of tropical fish, axolotl infants may reproduce every 5 minutes.