Whether you’re brand new to Minecraft or have been playing for years, you may be wondering what the current update is for the XBOX 360 version of the game. It’s a common enquiry. The number of available upgrades might make it hard to choose on a single one. For that reason, I’ve put together a summary of suggestions.


The version that is newest of Minecraft for Xbox 360 is TU36. It was made to repair various glitches that had been slowing down gameplay. The update features a game pack that mashes together Chinese mythology & Minecraft called Chinese Mythology Mash-up. Furthermore, a new minigame called Glide has been incorporated into the overall game.

The TU36 upgrade could very well be the most interesting change to the Xbox 360 Edition. There are new minigames, achievements, & a whole different world map. Enhancing effectiveness was another goal regarding the design. The standard download time for a TU36 is two hours, nonetheless USB devices may also be used to instal the game patches that are latest. The Xbox Shop is another place you may digitally get the game.

This version also includes new features, such as the option to split inventory amongst many storage areas. In addition, you may now summon a Giant Mob. Both mob spawners & spawn eggs can be used to create this mob. This function is effective for newcomers to the game.

A minigame that is TU3 “Battle” is also included. When first released, it was a part of the release that is beta of Edition. Minigame, best enjoyed a friend. One player handles the firearm, although the other wields the blade. The idea of the game is competition that is healthy. The firearm that is aforementioned sword are still for sale in the Xbox 360 edition.

The game hasn’t just the aforementioned game, but also an adventure mode. In this mode, users may build & explore their maps that are own. Resources may be gathered, structures constructed, & monsters fought. There is certainly no finer way to while away a few hours of leisure time than in this mode. You may also have encountered a few little mob caps throughout the game.

The Mythology that is chinese Mash-up is included in the TU36 release. In the game’s user interface files, you might find this image, which additionally appears throughout the guide. Additionally, Ender Acid is only available in this edition. There are also minigames, a Chinese mythology mashup, & a Tumble into the game.


The patch that is last the Xbox 360 version of the game is TU73. The most release that is recent on December 18th, 2018, ended up being a modest one. There are new resources, enemies, & buildings.

Crescent-shaped & home to two towering hills & a lush savannah biome, the main island in the update’s namesake is a sight to see. Perfect for those who love to get out & see the world. There are also four wooded mansions within easy reach of the area that is starting.

The addition of a four-player splitscreen to your game in the version that is latest is sure to increase the entertainment value. And it irons out a couple kinks that are major too. An update is designed for download through the Xbox software or the community status page. To get into the update, an Xbox must be had by you Live Silver membership. You will need to re-download the game if you are using a copy that is digital.

Conversing with your router’s maker may help if you’re experiencing trouble updating. Alternatively, you may uninstall the game & reinstall it. If the change is damaged, it may not instal properly.

If you’re curious in the contents for the title update, you may possibly check always some examples out from the past by downloading them. You might find these titles on MinecraftDigger’s website. It’s feasible that you’ll stumble onto some unexpectedly bizarre material in the process.

A Xbox that is free Live account is available for download if you don’t already have an Xbox Live Silver account. Xbox Live Gold accounts allow you to truly save games in the cloud. As so, you’ll be more prepared to switch platforms & continue enjoying the game.

The Xbox 360 variation of the game is sold with a few more goodies in addition towards the updated title. The island that is main for instance, is home to a green savannah thorn tree biome & two big mountains. 4J Studios have made an instructional globe you may take a look at. Additionally, there was an official Discord server. This paves the real method for constructive discourse as builders discuss & remark on their works.

Xbox 360 owners also have oPryzeLP’s Universal Minecraft Converter. Input a xbox 360 console save file, & the converter will create a Windows 10 bedrock version of that game for you.


The most update that is recent Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is TU72. There are new blocks, objects, & terrain generating options in this release. You may also configure the options available to distant players by using the Host Options. Adventure through 4J Studios’ throwback instructional environments.

You are able to see what variation you are using by checking the help file or the settings menu. As an alternative, you might utilise a USB drive to get the update. It takes roughly two hours for the update to download.

In addition, a fresh texture pack is available for download. In this revision, we’ve included several textures that are fresh don’t need a Mashup. You will also be in a position to unlock fresh monsters, people, & recipes. Villagers are another source of potential trade goods. There are also new mash-up packs available. There is a jungle that is new available.

New blocks, items, & terrain creating options are all obtainable additionally to the updated visuals. The choice to teleport has also been added to the game’s main menu. In creative mode, you might even utilise the disembodied heads of foes to adorn your home. The Bonus Chest is another place to get fresh loot.

You may even update your meals & get brand new enemies & townspeople. New rainforest plants & cacao are also available. Added challenges may also be obtained. Another addition that is new the Endermen, which you may get as well. A new tool, the evoker, & a symbol of immortality are also available to you.

Moreover, you may unlock building that is fresh, tools, & dishes. New monsters, young villagers, & recipes are also available. A new jungle biome & tree species are also available. New enemies, revised recipes, & ramped-up challenges are also available. Additional mash-up packs are now available. You might also come upon temples that house immense treasure but potentially deadly traps. Furthermore, a new item, a diamond-like block, is currently available.

Further, you may possibly upgrade your game with the addition of additional building materials, cooking recipes, goods, & even ways to create landscapes. Additionally, you may get Endermen, who can be used to craft new items, as well as new villagers, a jungle biome, a jungle tree, & a new villager.


For many who play Minecraft on Xbox 360, the latest patch is update TU71, & it’s also the last patch. As part of this update, many bugs, particularly those related to Superflat worlds, have been addressed & fixed. There is a skin that is new available using this release named “From the Shadows.”

An whole new Giant mob is the main change in this revision. Mob spawners will be the source of this monster. It’s seen into the Nether & in the Ender Dragon add-on also.

The Water Dispenser will no longer empty water from soaked blocks, which is another change that is important in the update. The issue where the Mushroom would float if a block supporting it were demolished has also been fixed. Other problems with Superflat worlds, such as a slow load time for the Woodland Mansions, have been addressed in the most recent TU version. The dilemma of Seagrass not reproducing in biomes has been addressed in the latest TU.

The Delta cosmetic pack & a revamped crafting user interface are just two regarding the additional additions to this patch. The bug that is MCCE-8097 also been addressed in this launch. The ability of minecarts to demolish all blocks below them is certainly one of several problems that have already been fixed in the updated TU.

The sound that is falling Minecraft was one of several issues that was addressed in this release. A bug where dolphins couldn’t pick up blocks has additionally been addressed in the overall game. The matter where the “Empty Bucket” was not being added back to the stock was also fixed.

Several issues with Superflat worlds, including an excessive number of see-through blocks, have been addressed in this release as well. The Mushroom no longer floats when a block it was supporting is destroyed, & the Water Dispenser may now collect water from soggy blocks. Last but not least, the TU that is new up the loading time for Superflat worlds with lots of translucent blocks, which previously took around 20 moments.

You may get your hands on this update right now in North America & Europe. Its introduction to the market that is japanese imminent. Also, Mojang has said that it would no longer support older console generations by issuing updates that are content them.