Where Are My Minecraft Save Files?

Frequently, players have no basic idea where to look for their Minecraft save files. This page will assist you in locating crash reports & snapshots, as well as transferring your world data to a new computer.

Crash reports

Knowing the location of one’s Minecraft save files is useful whether you’re playing alone or running a server. Depending on the running system you are utilizing, you can find the file in a folder that is different. If you’re using Windows or Linux, just go to your computer’s “saves” around folder& look.

In order to avoid having to sift through your data manually, you might instal an application called MiniTool that will point you in the direction of your saves. This application may also be used to synchronise your data in addition to cloning drives.

MiniTool is cross-platform, functioning on both PC & Mac computer systems. It offers an easy-to-use UI. It’s also useful for diagnosing & fixing issues that are in-game. The program is designed to create backups & disc clones, but its main hobby is actually operating.

Hardware, computer software, & underlying problems are potential sources of Minecraft crashing. However, improperly loaded modifications are often to blame. Identifying the offending mod may be the step that is first fixing the problem.

You might ask for a log file to be sent to you if you need help determining what went wrong. Information about the righ time & location associated with the crash are gleaned from the log files.

It is also possible to get rid of the offending s that are mod( if you are aware of their presence. The crashing modifications may be isolated by removing them from the game’s installation. It’s better to wait until the issue has been fixed before installing any modifications, since you may not know which s that are one( are responsible for it.

If you’re having trouble finding your Minecraft saves, you might check the game’s logs & crash reports. The crash reports & logs directories may be located in the Minecraft installation’s root directory, respectively.

Log files

You may be wondering what folder on your computer or Mac holds your Minecraft save games. You may use these files to keep track of your missing stuff or see Minecraft crash reports.

The Saves folder is where your game data for Minecraft is stored. You may find this folder at the level that is top of Minecraft installation. The Finder may be used to also access this folder.

You might wish to take use of the terminal on your Mac. This tool is a UNIX that is barebones interface reading system files.

Finding your files that are saved also be done with the help of Spotlight. When you enter “saves” into the search bar, the location of your saved games will be shown. The files will be organised in a folder, inside which you may search.

Furthermore, the 7Zip application is available for Mac users. Logs from your Minecraft server may be read & removed with all the help of this application. It may enable you to search your records for details about certain places or times.

If you should be playing on a PC, make use of the Windows key plus R to bring up the Run window. Click “Open World Folder” to access a specific Minecraft folder from within the game’s primary directory.

On the other side, Android users may utilise the Bing Drive capacity to upload a compressed archive of these chosen global folder to the cloud. For Minecraft on Android, you may repeat this, but don’t forget to take it down before uploading.

The Packages folder is where your Minecraft data will be located in the event that you’re using Windows 10. Games & globes may be stored in these files.


You may be wondering where your Minecraft save files are stored on your Mac or PC. This article will teach you the ins & outs of this Minecraft folder framework & solution every one of your pressing queries.

You should begin by familiarising yourself with Minecraft’s folder structure. Each user often has a saves & worlds folder in their house directory. The consumer’s home directory. If you play on a server, the worlds there are also included.

You can have a saves folder in addition towards the global folder. Your game saves are kept here & may be backed up or restored at any time. In the event of a failed mod, this is of paramount importance.

Navigating to your individual folder in you will be lead by the Finder to this location. Check out your game saves in this folder. The command line interface (CLI) also provides use of this directory.

The saved games directory can also be accessed utilizing the window that is spotlight. You may quickly locate a certain folder by looking for its name. As soon as you do that, the Finder will let you know where to go to access your saved games.

The logs folder is an excellent resource in order to find certain dates & times. Crash reports, which might provide light on the root of many issues, can also be seen.

The appdata folder is another accepted place to look for the saves folder if you’re having trouble locating it. This directory is hidden, yet searching for it yields results that are quick.


Snapshots of Minecraft save files might be baffling to gamers just getting started with the game. You would like to relax and play on the absolute most snapshot that is recent but you have no idea where to locate it.

Sporadically, Mojang may roll out new versions associated with the Minecraft save files. This allows users to try out changes & dilemmas before they are implemented in the game. You should always make a copy of your save file before utilising a snapshot, nonetheless. Utilizing a backup programme is only 1 of several options for protecting your gaming data. Your save file are relocated to a place that is new you so want. Because of this, your save file will be safe from corruption.

Snapshots of Minecraft save files might be to blame for the troubles experienced by specific players. Nearly all snapshot-related issues may simply be resolved by restarting the host. You could possibly get in contact with Mojang in the event that you’re experiencing problems.

You ought to always save a content of your Minecraft world before experimenting with snapshots. You should also produce a profile that is fresh avoid getting your game corrupted by snapshots of your Minecraft save files.

It’s feasible that your Minecraft save game may get corrupted if you use snapshots of save files. You may prevent this by saving your game in a location that is separate. You might protect the progress you have made into the game by making a duplicate associated with save file & storing it somewhere else.

In the event that you want to use a snapshot of your Minecraft save file, you should do so only if you have a reliable internet connection. It’s possible that Minecraft save files taken as snapshots could cause the overall game to become unplayable or crash if you do not.

Transferring world files to some other computer

It is not always an easy task to move your Minecraft world information to a computer that is new. Knowing the directory structure of your computer is the first step towards finding these documents. If you can determine this, then you may move them to your new computer.

There are two means to make copies of the Minecraft worlds: manually & immediately. The procedure that is manual duplicating your game data. A backup may also be created by a more straightforward method that only needs you to click a link.

You may use AOMEI Backupper Professional if you prefer software. Features like Real-Time Sync, Event Triggers, & Event Notifications are included in this software. Backups may be prescheduled & commented on. The version that is deluxe of Backupper is suitable for Windows 10, 8, & 7.

The programme may be used to also synchronise Minecraft universes across several machines. If you plan on using several PCs to play your game or transferring it to a portable device, this may be a smart move. You may conserve backups to your cloud or external drives with AOMEI Backupper Professional.

It could take some time to move your files if you utilise an external software. If you have AOMEI Backupper Professional, you may use its real-time sync feature to keep your Minecraft worlds in sync as you make changes.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is another viable technique for transferring your Minecraft worlds. This procedure differs depending on the type or type of web hosting service getting used. After the file has been successfully sent, you may exit the FTP client.

Utilize the open-source pc software Symbolic Linker, which could be the third alternative. In order to move your Minecraft worlds, you may make a symbolic link to the folder containing your saves.