Who is the Best Minecraft Player?

Even though you aren’t a huge Minecraft fan, you’ve probably heard of at least one of the best players. There’s a good chance you’ve seen them online, whether via among the numerous “top ten” lists or a video clip you saw on tv. However, whom are these elite performers?


Phil Za, despite his youth, has invested the last five years immersed in the global world of Minecraft. In that period, he has developed many noteworthy works. Their writings in the survival that is tough have made him a household name. End Realm, the Ocean Monument, Sky City, & the Chaos Caverns were all constructed by Philza during his tenure on the extreme survival planet.

Ph1lza participated in MCC 16 with Team Red Rabbits. In the team’s individual ratings, Phil Za finished fifteenth. The Red Rabbits finished into the bottom five.

Viewers of Philza have actually been recognized to travel the globe. One of his most recent videos has him erecting a monument lit from inside & outside using candles. Many axolotls are born from his womb, too. On his channel, he has also been Minecraft that is playing version Snapshot.

On September 14, 2006, Ph1lza created their first channel on the video sharing website. After six years, he finally got around to uploading a series of rigors survival broadcasts on his channel. In the last year, he’s published eight videos on his primary channel.

In addition, he’s often seen at a range that is wide of. It was at the MCC Championship where he last competed. The YouTubers in this competition compete in four-person teams across eight different minigames.

The most video that is current Philza has been seen over 9 million times. A compilation of his travels throughout the last five years.

Ph1lza is a Twitch that is regular streamer well. He’s a major player in the Minecraft community that is streaming.


CaptainSparklez is, in my opinion, the best Minecraft player among the youTubers that are numerous play the game professionally. Among YouTube’s gaming community, his videos consistently place in the top 50, & he has significantly more than four million followers. Their music videos have actually gained him fame, & he has also made an appearance in Minecraft: Story Mode. He’s also the mastermind behind his own clothing brand & mobile game firm.

Parodies of Minecraft songs are another supply of CaptainSparklez’s fame. The video for his song “The Captain’s Curse” has had over 250 million views, & their latest solitary, “Revenge,” has a lot more.

CaptainSparklez is well mocked for his awkwardness in-front associated with camera. The man has a gentle voice & never uses language that is foul. His content is always engaging, & he offers tips that are helpful gamers. Inside the game world, he could be likewise revered.

CaptainSparklez has made several Minecraft “let’s plays,” or video walkthroughs, which have gained a following that is large. He mixes games that are video animation in his movies. He also shares videos of himself games that are playing Garry’s Mod & Xbox Survival. Videos from the viral Trouble in Terrorist Town game are also among his efforts. He additionally runs his own server in the Fallen Kingdom. His YouTube channel is among the first dedicated to Minecraft.

CaptainSparklez, or Jordan Maron, is a YouTuber that is popular, & musician through the united states of america. He has amassed over 1.6 billion video views & 8.75 million followers on YouTube. He dropped away from university to get results on his online video platforms, YouTube & Twitch.


Alexander Alexander, better called Technoblade into the Minecraft community, was an YouTuber that is american who to fame with his “Minecraft” videos. He was one of the most popular YouTubers of all time, having over 10 million supporters to his channel. Back in 2013, when he first began sharing his movies online, he already had a sizable fan base.

In June, Alex Technoblade was told that his cancer had progressed to stage four. His untimely demise came in June of 2022, when he was just 23 years old. The Minecraft that is whole world saddened by his moving. Many individuals in the gaming & YouTube communities have sent their sympathies.

Alex Technoblade had a considerable & devoted fan following, which he tragically lost too early. Those who adore “Minecraft” will always remember him as the person whose name became associated with the game.

Before his untimely demise, YouTuber Technoblade was well-known for his “Minecraft” videos, real time broadcasts, & player-versus-player action. To top it all down, he & their pals established a YouTube that is joint channel. It was knowledge that is also common he made clever & often amusing Minecraft video gaming videos.

There have been a lot of people in the Minecraft & YouTube communities who were shocked to hear of Technoblade’s death. There was a sizable community that is online of whom adopted him on social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, & Twitch. By the 2022, he had approximately 11 million followers to his channel on YouTube year.

Technoblade gained popularity for his Minecraft videos, sense of humour, & competitive player vs player prowess on YouTube. He was victorious in a true number of Keemstar’s online competitions, like the $10,000 “Minecraft Mondays” competition. He additionally took part in many “Minecraft” tournaments against buddies like Dream.


Illumina is certainly one of the many skilled Minecraft players, & is usually considered the greatest. His reputation as a sprinter that is phenomenal his main claim to fame. The quickest Minecraft Java Any% Random Seed for Pre 1.9 is one of his accomplishments that are many.

The Record Live contest, Illumina served as a moderator at the European Speedrunning Assembly’s Minecraft Break. Certainly one of his other achievements is a Wikipedia entry.

A face unveil video clip was also produced by him for his followers. The number of customers to his YouTube channel has ended 7 million, making it certainly one of the fastest-growing in YouTube’s history.

Illumina wears a shirt along with his name in tribute. Additionally, he has generated the Illumina book series that is comic. It is unclear how much he makes, but his predicted nett worth in 2021 is significant.

He additionally makes his stuff that is own in speedrunning. In the game Minecraft: Java Edition, he has many top-ten positions. The 2021 edition of Guinness World Records has him because well. The common income that is monthly every one of his assets is about $40,460. He broadcasts real time on Twitch & has also a YouTube channel.

In addition to his solo YouTube channel, he is also a part of the Canadian Minecraft channel, the Fruitberries. The Fruitberries not only claim to be the finest at parkour, but they also won the first-ever Minecraft Championship.

Among the most commonly shared videos ever had been uploaded to his channel on YouTube. More than 60 million individuals have seen his many recent video. To boot, he is a YouTuber whom doesn’t mind arriving aided by the kids.

Fruit Berries

Fruitberries, a gamer that is canadian is one of the finest in Minecraft. The 19-year-old YouTube star Fruitberries became famous by showing off his video gaming prowess in a number of videos.

Fruitberries has taken home four total titles, one as a unite team & three as individuals. He also participated in the Twitch Rivals competition & the Green Cumulon Crisis. His speedrunning, trapping, & parkour talents have earned him acclaim. Also, he is well-known for his live events such as “UHC,” “Minecraft Saturdays,” & “Minecraft Ultimate,” which he streams to a large audience.

Canada’s Alberta province ended up being responsible for cultivating the fresh fruit. After signing up on January 23, 2020, he’s got been an active part of SMPEarth ever since. He avoids talking about his private life. His Twitch channel has almost 224,000 subscribers. Stampylonghead is the name of his channel on the video-sharing website.

Whenever it concerns competitive Minecraft, Fruitberries is a player that is major often placing in the top 10. The very first Minecraft Championship was won by his squad. In addition to their one team title, he’s won two solo that is additional.

Fruitberries is also a part of the SMPEarth gaming community, where they post videos of their skills for the world to see. He has streamed his process that is creative many. Maybe his most work that is well-known a series of videos called “Trick of the Week,” such as various trapping techniques.

The sixth & ninth Minecraft Championships both went to Fruitberries. Moreover, he is well-known for his speedrunning prowess, particularly in this game.


Nicholas “Sapnap” is an associate associated with the NRG esports organisation & a well-known Minecraft player. Aside from being engaged with a true number of well-known Minecraft developers, he’s also a member of Dream’s SMP server.

Fabled for his work on the Dream Team’s Minecraft Manhunt videos, Sapnap is a household name. He is an expert hunter who has successfully completed a number of manhunts. Also, their YouTube channel has a wealth of video pertaining to the overall game Minecraft.

It should be noted that Sapnap ended up being the only member of the Dream Team to show up at MCC 25. The competition was so stiff that he ended up in second place. In two separate Major Championship Matches, he’s got made the game-winning stroke both times.

Five of Sapnap’s MCC competitions have already been declared victorious. With the exception of MCC 10, he always completed in the top 10. In an MCC that is official tournament he scored a 4,223 once. To top it all down, he’s one of just three players to win more than five canon tournaments.

On the Dream SMP server, Sapnap is one of the most players that are well-known. He broadcasts on Twitch for both Dream & himself.

The vast majority of videos on Sapnap’s primary channel are Minecraft related. Many of his films get tens of millions of views. In addition, a podcast is had by him called Banter with Karl Jacobs & GeorgeNotFound. It’s been a good run for the show, & they’ve had a broad number of guests.

Not only is it an excellent builder, Sapnap can be regarded as being among the game’s elite player against player gamers. He also participates in the Minecraft community included in Sleepyboisinc.